As someone who enjoys link building, I spend quite a bit of spare time on Facebook groups on the subject. These include places where people go to learn how to become better at link building as well as marketplaces where people offer their services.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve become aware of how many people are still using methods like paid guest posts and PBNs (private blog networks) in order to manipulate the Google rankings.

Now obviously, the reason people are using these methods is because they clearly still work, and they are the quickest and easiest way to give a website a bit of a push in the rankings. However, it’s simply something we wouldn’t even consider doing here at LinkJuiced.

Endangering Client Rankings

It’s one thing engaging in this kind of activity to help rank your own websites. They are your property so you’re entitled to do what you want with them. However, I feel that doing this to a client – putting them in danger of being hit with a penalty – is irresponsible, and if a client knew their revenue was being risked in order for their link builders to cut a few corners, I’m sure they wouldn’t use your service.

Because of this practice and how widespread it is, we would urge all businesses owners to take some time to read up link building and learn how it’s done properly.

There’s only 1 link building method that will never be penalised by Google!

That’s right, and it’s the method that they constantly tell us to stick to. I don’t like Google pretty much ruling the internet world, it sucks. But while they hold a monopoly over English speaking search, we have to listen to them.

The only way to ensure your link building will improve your rankings for the long term is create amazing content, placing it on your website and then use outreach to bring relevant links to the site. It’s really that simple. However, although the concept is simple, because it’s difficult to execute, same as everything in this world, it’s easier to cut corners. Instead of creating really interesting content, people focus more on writing boring guest posts that no one will ever read, or paying someone with a PBN to send them 30 links.

Link building can be amazing. Creating great content, prospecting and outreaching is a skill that has taken time and a lot of work to develop. It’s sad that it’s being tarnished by people who are looking for a quick fix or to cut corners.

Google are becoming more intelligent by the day, and some time in the near future, I can see things like guest posts being completely wiped out in terms of link authority.

Stop following, start creating!

If you’d like to see samples of some of our methods of link building, or enquire about our white-hat, high-quality link building services, contact us today!


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