As someone who spends most his professional life building links, nothing irritates me more than when guest posts are brought up.

Just a mention of guest posting is enough to ruin my day.

“But why? Isn’t guest posting a really amazing way to get some high domain authority links?”

I’m not disputing that they have some value – for now. But as with everything that gets overtaken by spammers, Google knows that many “link builders” out there are putting all their eggs into one massively overused basket.

Personally, I can’t wait for the day that all guest posts are devalued.

And that includes glorified guest posts from places like Forbes, Entrepreneur and that are being sold for fortunes around the internet.

You might think I’m bitter about the whole guest posting phenomenon, and you’d be right, but I’m not without my legitimate reasons. Here are the 9 reasons why I can’t stand guest posting.

Let’s get this straight – my main gripe with the guest posting industry isn’t with business owners, CEOs and managers talking about their industries. That’s what guest posts are intended for.

I know I’ll have to write a few guest posts myself to get LinkJuiced some early brand awareness. Begrudgingly. But I plan to only write about link building, which is what I do for a living.

Where I get frustrated is when SEOs start writing things like “10 tips on moving house”, using the most banal content that nobody will ever read, with a link from the site in question the only reason why they are doing it.

I hate guest posts because they are lazy. People, even entire agencies, base their entire strategies on just writing guest posts. They sneak in a few extra links in there to other sites but we all know what they are. Where’s the creativity? Just writing 5 tips this or 5 tips that.

Guest Posting is a pile of steamy dog piss
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I hate guest posts because they (can) con clients. Clients pay agencies extortionate fees for SEO sometimes, and because of the nature of our industry, most clients can’t tell a good link from a bad link. There are sites out there that allow free, unchecked guest posts and clients are being charged hundreds for them.   It’s not right.

I hate guest posts because they dumb down the industry. Anyone can write a guest post. Because of that, anyone can call themselves a “link building expert”. This means that I (I never call myself an expert, to be clear) will be lumped in with these people who are just writing boring content day in day out.

I hate guest posts because prospective clients request them before we even discuss link building. Link building has become so infested with guest posts that even clients now want them before you even talk about the methods you’ll be using. They lead a conversation by asking “what sites do you have and how much?”

I hate guest posts because my inbox is now littered with requests. I owned a blog a few years ago but sold it off. The new owners declined to remove my email address from the blog, so I get about 50 requests for a guest post a day. Every single one of them is spammy rubbish.

Guest Posting is Shit
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I hate guest posts because Google still values them. Despite Matt Cutts coming out a few years ago and saying “guest posts are bad, mmmkay”, there must still be value in them or people wouldn’t be using them. They’ve evolved from the guest blogs to sites such as, Entrepreneur, Forbes – sites high in authority that gladly accept posts because it increases their ad revenue.

The sheer amount of people selling links on these platforms is staggering – and Google must know about it. They may not have done anything about it yet, but they will.

I hate guest posts because they take credit away from the truly creative link building minds. People like Brian Dean from Backlinko, who’s my personal link building superhero. They take credit away from truly excellent and innovative campaigns.

I hate guest posts because you don’t get it. What’s the point in saving your best written content for someone else’s website? Let’s say you write a great guest post on spandex. All the spandex blogs love it, so they link to the site where the guest post is. What value are you gaining besides secondary link authority? It might push your site up in the rankings but nowhere near as much as if the content was on your site.

Having amazing content on your own site means you own it, and any future link that it creates will go directly towards improving your domain authority and rankings.

I hate guest posts for all the above reasons – but most of all, I hate guest posts because I still have to do it myself. Sadly, I offer a service, and to be paid for the service, I must do what a client asks me to do. I’m not yet at the level where I can turn business away, so for now, I am one huge guest posting hypocrite.

Amazing content and regular outreach is the only link building method that will truly stand the test of time.

Get LinkJuiced today to find out what else is out there besides guest posting.

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