Our White Hat Link Building Agency System

As a white-hat link building agency, we like to be transparent about our methods.

Let us take you step-by-step through how we manage our link building campaigns. By following this white-hat link building method, we’ve managed to successfully build high quality links for a number of different clients.

When running a campaign, there are a number of different stages the link building process goes through, starting with:




Once someone purchases one of our packages, we get to work immediately. First of all, obviously, we ask you a few questions about your website and niche. We will go through your current link profile as well as your competitors, and from our research and questions we will decide what keywords to target for during our campaign.

Once we have completed our research, it’s time to move on to the most important part of the process…


Content Creation


The content creation process is by far the most important part of being a link building agency, because poor content = no links. Because of our years of experience, we have developed an understanding of what kind of content has the best chance of bringing in links. Our content usually falls under one of the following categories:

Skyscraper method

I’m sure many of you have heard about this method of link building by Brian Dean at Backlinko, and it is something we practice. It involves finding a high ranking piece of content in your niche and creating something better, whether it’s making a list of 100 instead of a list of 15, making a piece of content more up to date or putting your own spin on something.

Buttering up method

I named this method myself, and it’s quite simple. Write an article or list that talks highly of people. This could be something like “top 20 hair bloggers” or something along those lines. Make it in depth and be as complimentary as possible. Once the content is finished, contact all the people mentioned in it in the hope of them linking back to you. Everyone loves good news about themselves so there’s a good chance a piece like this will gain some relevant backlinks. Here’s an example of this method.


Surveys and questionnaires can create newsworthy headlines, which creates links. Ask people in your niche what they think of a current development or news story and publish the results. This is a good method because it creates news, which is a great way of reaching out to the high authority blogs and websites in your niche. Here’s an example of this method.

Piggybacking the news

If you’re unable to think of news to create, piggyback on something that’s currently happening. What I mean by that is, if there is a big story going on in your niche currently, write an article where you give your own opinion on it. If someone has written an opinion piece and you disagree with some points in it, put your own opinion across.

Special days

If there is a special memorial day going on in your niche, make some content around that to improve your chances of building some relevant links. You can always mix and match with this too – create a survey for the results to be published on a memorial day.


Many people think infographics have had their time – I’m not one of them. I still think infographics are an excellent tool to use for white-hat link building. If you offer a blog some written content to link to or an infographic that sums up the points in a more visually attractive way, they are always going to be more likely to link to the infographic. Here’s an example of us doing this.


Although this kind of falls into the infographic category, graphs are a standalone method of content for link building.

Guest Blog

I make it quite clear that I’m not the biggest fan of guest blogging, although I do feel it has its place in a white hat link building strategy. I’m open to writing one or two guest posts for a link building campaign. Here’s one I recently wrote about cutting down on guest blogging.

Once we’ve decided on the content and have completed it, we send it over to you to see what you think. Once you are happy with it, it’s time for the next phase…


Link Prospecting


The link prospecting process is the part where we put together a list of sites that we will contact in order to build links to your site. This is important because we want to find the most relevant targets in order to build as many links as possible. We do this in a number of ways to ensure we are targeting sites good enough to improve your rankings.

We focus on a variety of link targets. These include:

Links to similar content

Once again this is part of Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Method. We find similar content to the piece we’ve created, and use link tools like AHREFS, Moz and Majestic to find pages that link to these pages.

High authority industry blogs

Every niche has its best blogs. We make sure we include them in our link prospecting in case they want to link to your content.

Resource pages

A popular method among white hat link builders is to find resource pages within your niche. If your content is informative and helpful, there is no reason why a relevant website with a resource page won’t want to link to you.

Weekly/Monthly roundup

There are a number of blogs and websites that feature link roundups of the best content they have found in your niche in recent history. We want to make sure every piece of content we create is good enough to feature on these lists whenever possible.

News sites

Whether local, national or international, whenever you create something newsworthy (see surveys), it’s our job to get you placed on your industry news sites. Like this one.

University sites

For some forms of content, it’s possible to get links from university websites. Like this one.


We have placed links on Wikipedia before. The right type of content can lead to a link on there (although it is no-follow)

Once we have finished prospecting those targets, we put them in a Google Sheet and share them with you. You take a look and let us know if you agree with the list. Once we are fully agreed, it’s time to start…




The outreach process of link building can be tricky, especially considering that the popular blogs and websites are constantly inundated with spam. The secret is to stand out from the rest, and we have learnt how to maximise your chances of getting as many links as possible from our outreach.

Different scripts for different methods

One of the things we do is make sure all our scripts for every different method of outreach is different. For instance, if we’ve prospected for 80 targets that link to similar content and 20 link roundups, our script will be different for the two. Not only that, but we add some personalisation to every single target. We are never pushy and always polite in our outreach emails.

Follow up

One of the most important parts of outreach is following up. If you haven’t had a response from a target, there’s a massive chance that they haven’t seen your original email. Just a simple follow up message to let them know that you’re different can work wonders for your link building campaign. We always follow up twice on each target to make sure they have the best chance of seeing our content.

Double up

Those of you who purchase one of our content and outreach packages have the added benefit of a double up. This means, if we haven’t reached a certain amount of links from your content, we will go again in terms of outreach.




Our reporting process is simple. We add the prospects to a Google Sheet and share this with you. You will always have access to this so you will see where we are in our process. Once a link has been aquired, we will add it to a new Google Sheet that shows you our progress over time.

Our link sheet will show the URL that links to your site, its domain authority, page authority and anchor text used. More options available on request.


Results from using our White-Hat Link Building agency

There would be no point in approaching link building this way if it didn’t create great results. Below is an example of how our link building worked for a brand new site. Notice that in July 2017 there were hardly any backlinks and no organic keywords or traffic.

Within a few months of building some excellent links to this site, they were ranking 4th on Google for their main keyword and were bringing in hundreds of visitors a day from Google.

Pricing and Order

Being a white-hat link building agency is hard work, but at the same time, we wanted to offer packages that suited all budgets. We feel that pricing businesses out of being able to link build the proper way leads them to bad practices and affects the industry as a whole. That’s why we have three packages available.

Take a look below and if you’re happy to give us a try, make an order according to your budget.

The Standard Package is for smaller budget clients in less competitive industries. There will be written content of 500 words usually accompanied by a link worthy piece of media that will realistically acquire 5 backlinks.

For businesses with medium budgets, there’s the Gold Package. The written content for the gold package is usually around 1,000 words and the piece of media is a higher standard than the standard package.

For higher budgets and more competitive niches, there’s the Platinum Package. This includes a bigger piece of written content and a premium piece of media to make sure you’ll really catch the eye of webmasters,

All orders are Paypal protected so you’ve nothing to lose in giving us a go!

Why white hat link building is important

I’m sure some of you reading this will already know why it’s important to build white-hat backlinks to your website. But for those of you who don’t, here are the basics.

Improve your Google ranking

The main benefit of link building is that it improves your Google ranking, which improves your traffic, which increases the money your site makes.

No risk of being punished by Google

a link is seen as a vote of trust from a website. Over the years, marketers and business owners have looked for ways to game the link building system, either through buying links or gaining them from easy places.

This is called black hat.

In the past few years, Google have become smarter in finding out whether a link is black hat or white hat.

A website with too many black hat links can see their rankings drop or even disappear on Google. There have been businesses that have been destroyed because of this. Using our white-hat methods mean you won’t be punished by Google for your backlink profile.

Increased traffic

Because we reach out to real websites visited by real people, our link building methods lead to an increase in your natural traffic too.

Increased social presence

If you regularly produce good content, you will receive more social shares to your website, meaning even more people will know about you and your amazing service.

Got a question or want to see some examples of our work? Fill in the contact form or email enquiries@linkjuiced.com

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