About Us

Danny Kidd
Owner/Head of Link Building
Danny has been involved in SEO since 2010, but has always had a talent and affinity for link building.

Having worked for agencies and then managing SEO businesses, he decided to become a freelancer with a sole focus on link-building.

He decided to set up LinkJuiced because there are limited options when it comes to link building for smaller businesses. Either they have to pay over the odds for an agency or they pay for substandard “experts”.

With LinkJuiced, Danny wants to show small to medium sized businesses that it doesn’t take an endless budget to build a really good link profile.

Billy Phillips
Content Manager
Billy spent the majority of his career as a partner in a law firm.

Since his retirement, he has developed an interest in online marketing and has written articles and content for thousands of established websites.

Content is an extremely important aspect of the link building process, and Billy is one of the best content writers around.

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